Konjac is fast becoming accepted. If you are not a fan of regular konjac then why not try our new Konjac Noodles, Konjac Spaghetti and Konjac Rice product. Our konjac in this range has been likened to regular pasta, noodles and rice.

KONJAC Our new Konjac range is a unique recipe developed to give you an experience similar to regular pasta, noodles and rice, without the guilt. There is no water in our Konjac range, so there’s no need to drain or rinse. You simply empty the pack straight into your sauce or wok.

ORGANIC KONJAC unlike our Konjac range, The Organic Konjac range is of course Organic. The calories are a lot less and the carbohydrates are zero. However, the Konjac range still has little to nothing calories and carbohydrates compared to regular pasta, noodles and rice. The Organic Konjac range comes in water, so you will need to drain the water and rinse the food under cold water.

TRADITIONAL KONJAC tends to be translucent in appearance, very rubbery and has a strong odour.

The Konjac, Organic Konjac and Ready to Eat products are made from Konjac. Konjac flour, which comes from the root of the Konjac plant, which grows in China. The sauces in our Ready to Eat meals are made from authentic sauces. Another name for Konjac is Konnyaku.

Konjac is sold at several stores and is also available for purchase online from Green Spot Foods’ store at You can find a location by clicking on our “Find a Store” menu item. You can purchase Konjac direct from by clicking on the button below.